Stay connected to what's important.

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Tyia is a smart-bracelet that syncs with your phone to help you prioritize the most important things in your life — family, work, and events. 

Tyia is named for a busy therapist who, one day in 2012, silenced her smartphone, only to later learn she’d missed several calls and texts telling her that her 5-year-old had broken his arm. As a mother and a professional, balancing both work and home, this was a painful experience. Tyia’s husband, Ben, knew that technology was available to manage competing priorities in life, make us better parents, friends and colleagues, and ensure that we are connected and available when we need to be but will also allow us to be fully present and in the moment. Ben led the charge to create a bracelet that could alert her to urgent messages—but he knew that it would have to be equally as beautiful as it is functional for Tyia to wear it every day.

A unique bracelet distinguished not only by its elegance but also by its ability to discreetly alert you to important messages through subtle vibrations and color changes. Your custom alerts will reach you, so you can stay connected—and completely present.

Put your phone away and relax

Tyia allows you to leave your phone face down or out of sight, enjoy the most precious moments in life, and provides the security of knowing that you’ll never miss anything important.

Sometimes, there are only one or two people who truly need to reach you. With Tyia, you can create special keywords for them to use—so you’ll be notified immediately, and discreetly.

“We would buy this as a gorgeous piece of jewelry regardless of its cool app components.”
— Madeline Buxton, SELF Magazine

Your wearable personal assistant

You decide what messages are worth your attention from any call, text, app, or even through a priority keyword that you create. 

Customize alerts by strength and up to 256 different colors, which makes them easy to distinguish. 

When an important alert arrives, you'll know right away, and you can leave everything else on your phone, for later. 

The first activity tracker you'll want to wear all day & out at night

Tyia has a powerful 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope used to measure steps, with additional activity tracking features to be released in the future.

With so many great activity tracking apps out there, Viawear has chosen to make Tyia's activity data open for use in other apps, such as Apple Healthkit and Fitbit.  

“Viawear has developed a very robust and fun notification system with Tyia and it’s companion app.”
— Chip Chick


“When I’m enjoying time with friends, Tyia is my security blanket. I know if the babysitter needs me, I’ll get the message.”

“I really need to know about breaking news when it happens.  I love that I can customize the Tyia app to prioritize sources and easily distinguish them from my personal alerts.”

“Tyia allows me to give 100% attention to my daughter. When something important comes in, I know Tyia will tell me.”